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Statement on Privacy Right

1. Member privacy system 

TFVC pays attention to protecting member’s privacy and it is a basic policy to respect member’s privacy. Your registration data and other personal data on our website will be protected by the laws on privacy in China and our company will not disclose, edit or reveal member’s personal information, in addition to: 1. Member authorizes our website to reveal the information; 2. Corresponding laws and procedures require our website to provide member’s personal data.


2. Disclaimer

This network has the obligation to ensure the normal operation of our website technically, tries to avoid service interruption or minimize the interruption time, and guarantees the success of member’s online transaction. However, our website will not take responsibility for the circumstances below:   
A. Any personal data are revealed because you tell others your password or share the registered account with others;
B. Our website will assume no responsibility for website failure, unsuccessful online transaction, loss of information, records, etc. resulting from hacker attack, computer virus invasion or outbreak, temporary closure due to governmental management, and other force majeure affecting the normal operation of network;  
C. It has nothing to do with our website if any member cannot enjoy our service or suffer from any other losses because they provide wrong, incomplete and false information;


3. Explanation to intellectual property

The relevant copyright, patent right, trademark, business secret and other ownerships or rights for all network services provided by TFVC website belong to Without the agreement of, any people or member should not download, copy, transmit, adapt and edit them; otherwise, they have to assume all legal responsibilities. If anyone causes losses due to violation of the above statements, our company will ascertain his/her legal responsibilities.       


4. Special statement

1. Member account can only be used by members themselves and it is prohibited to lend or transfer the account to others. TFVC will assume no responsibility for the results due to member’s lending or transferring the account to others. Meanwhile, TFVC has the right to cancel this member’s account.  
2. In case TFVC discovers that cash coupons, discount coupons, gift card, etc. obtained not from formal channels are used in member’s orders, is entitled to cancel relevant orders immediately and close down the member account.  
3. In case member generates an order of unfair transaction through system bug, cheating, etc., TFVC will cancel the order and close down the member account after verification, and reserve the right to ascertain corresponding legal responsibility.
4. The order confirmation e-mail sent by us only confirms that we have received the member’s order, and only when we send an e-mail of product delivery confirmation to inform member of product delivery, the purchase contract between us is concluded.




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